More efficiently towards a cleaner future, with a new look

Industry is rapidly striving towards a cleaner future. Not even large companies can do this alone. They need partners like Tormets, facilitators of the sustainable transition. Tormets has updated its strategy and corporate look to clarify its roles.

The level of requirements for engineering projects, industrial service and end-to-end projects are at a very different level today, compared to more than 50 years ago when Tormets began operating. Smart solutions, high tech, cost efficiency and reducing environmental impacts are seen and felt in what Tormets and its partner companies do every single day.

CEO Kari Rantamaa says: “With our entire bearing and all our actions, we want to show we’re fully committed to the clean transition and to supporting sustainable development as a reliable strategic partner for industry.”

he change is clearly visible in the new Tormets corporate look, logo, and PR and marketing materials. Graphic designer Antti Porkka is the architect of the new look.

The essence of the Tormets strategy is captured in the new logo, a square derived from the letter T with a white circle symbolizing light in its centre. In addition to the company’s name, the letter T is associated with technology, talent and tenacity. The blue colours are an homage to the river and sea of the Tornio region where Tormets is based. The same elements are also visible in the photographs, taken by Nina Susi.

Visible, audible northern attitude

Tormets’s core purpose boils down to these words: “More efficiently to a brighter future”. Tormets serves you as a partner with a northern attitude. That means fair play, keeping our word, and respecting nature and people. Or, as we say in these parts: “Let’s get down to business!”

Our new attitude to strategic partnership as part of the clean transition is seen as clear words and sharp images on the website, made by Nomon. The structure, content, images and all other elements are all completely new.

“Building the Tormets website from the foundations up into a modern format shows how strongly the company is committed to its new strategy. It’s not just a case of dressing the company up in new clothes. Tormets has now found a new approach to what it does, one that every employee can be truly proud of,” CEO Pasi Lento of Nomon says.

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