Mining industry

Mining machinery is exposed to heavy mechanical strain and demanding conditions. That’s why it has to be unfailingly sturdy and reliable in all kinds of conditions, whether mining a kilometre underground or in an open mining pit whipped by frost and wind.

It doesn’t matter if it’s delivery of a full set of equipment or an individual element needed in mining: we don’t scrimp on quality, sustainability or human or environmental safety.

A brighter future — below and above ground

Efficiently caring for the environment

Material handling is a crucial part of how mines work. End-to-end deliveries are the surest solutions for the environment and production. This is when all the links in the production chain are naturally connected to each other, without a weakest link. Our experience gives us understanding of how mines work and how materials and soils are processed. That means we are well-equipped to both deliver new equipment and modernize existing equipment.

The environment is very important to the mining industry. Protecting it involves great responsibility and obligations. As a strategic partner of mining companies, we’ve delivered numerous material handling systems, complete with piping work. We’ve been involved in enhancing concentration plants so that nature and humans can continue to coexist on the path to a brighter future.


We manufacture and machine both individual machines and parts and extensive sets of equipment, primarily for the needs of industry.


We maintain your equipment with northern straightforwardness. Our engineers, like all our other specialists, know the machinery, plants and people.


Strategic partnership yields the best results in industrial projects and maintenance.

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