Energy industry

The journey towards a cleaner, brighter future requires a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, particularly in energy generation. At Tormets, we keep a close eye on how the energy industry develops. We’re ready to deliver and deploy innovations.

Standing up for renewables with a northern attitude

Solutions to keep the country running

Part of the energy Tormets consumes in the offices and production facilities is already solar-panel generated. All the other energy we consume comes from renewable sources. Surplus energy from sunny days is stored in batteries for dark evenings and cloudy days. Compared to the energy industry, this is merely small-scale production for our own needs, but we’re not scared of industrial-scale projects.

We know a broad range of industries very well. That gives us a keen competitive edge as the transition to renewable energy production speeds up. As a strategic partner of experts in the energy industry, we build and produce durable solutions to secure Finland’s supply. These projects can range from solar, wind and hydroelectric power to next-generation nuclear power and the production and distribution of green hydrogen. As we say: “Let’s get down to business.”


We manufacture and machine both individual machines and parts and extensive sets of equipment, primarily for the needs of industry.


We maintain your equipment with northern straightforwardness. Our engineers, like all our other specialists, know the machinery, plants and people.


Strategic partnership yields the best results in industrial projects and maintenance.

We’re Tormets.
Let’s get down
to business.

Antti Valta

Chief Operating Officer

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