Steel industry

Steel is the most crucial building material of the brighter, more efficient future. Steel is a versatile material. It enables durable, sustainable product manufacturing. At the end of its life cycle, it can be fully recycled for new purposes.

We recycle steel

We’ve worked with the Tornio stainless steel plant for over 50 years. That has meant countless production line modernizations and deliveries of equipment, conveyors and piping work.

As a converter and downstream producer of steel, we are highly familiar with the steel industry, including from the client’s perspective. We commend the steel industry’s endeavour towards carbon-neutral production and are fully committed to making it possible.

In the steel industry, the equipment supplier’s handprint is evident in the processes. However, it must not be visible on the finished product’s surface. When we deliver, install and maintain steel sheet levelling machines and processing equipment, the finished product’s surface remains precisely in the state the steel industry’s demanding clients ordered it.

Shared goals, shared workplace

When we secure plants’ reliability, our strategic partnership is visible every day. Fixed maintenance contracts allow Tormets employees to know the client’s processes, plants, procedures and people inside and out. We ensure factory operations and shorten the duration of disruptions through full maintenance agreements. They include things like spare-part manufacturing, servicing and reserve supply.

Here at Tormets, our shared environment connects us to the steel industry, both at work and outside it. As a strategic partner, we bear our responsibility for a fail-safe, future-proof steel industry by keeping a constant eye on the environment we operate in. We work with our clients to improve processes and equipment reliability and energy- and cost-efficiency — all with a northern attitude that respects nature.


We manufacture and machine both individual machines and parts and extensive sets of equipment, primarily for the needs of industry.


We maintain your equipment with northern straightforwardness. Our engineers, like all our other specialists, know the machinery, plants and people.


Strategic partnership yields the best results in industrial projects and maintenance.

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Chief Operating Officer

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