Process industry

Many Tormets employees have a background in process industry, whether in production, maintenance or design. We know the plants, processes and procedures in this industry. That gives us a firm base for a strategic partnership where all the parties can trust one another the way a bridgebuilder can trust steel.

Managed processes on a sustainable foundation

Honest dealings for everyone’s benefit

We understand the process industry. That supports our and your shared goals to increase production efficiency, reduce waste and minimize emissions and energy consumption. When we work towards your goals, one of the most important things is eliminating production disruption and waste. The only way to achieve that is by making solutions that withstand time and wear, by doing preventive maintenance, and by providing a fast, efficient repair and spare-part service.

We’re used to how this industry operates. That means we take good care of our, your and the environment’s future. We keep our eyes peeled and tell you honestly and directly what we see — with a northern attitude.


We manufacture and machine both individual machines and parts and extensive sets of equipment, primarily for the needs of industry.


We maintain your equipment with northern straightforwardness. Our engineers, like all our other specialists, know the machinery, plants and people.


Strategic partnership yields the best results in industrial projects and maintenance.

We’re Tormets.
Let’s get down
to business.

Antti Valta

Chief Operating Officer

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