Achieving sustainable solutions, together

We’re your strategic partner: we support you in achieving your goals. We streamline your production processes, boost your energy efficiency and help you keep costs in check. In everything we do, we aim at sustainability and lower emissions.

Strong strides towards a brighter future

We northerners have an intimate relationship with the nature around us. We cherish it through sustainable solutions at work and at leisure.

When we use natural resources for the correct purposes and cost-efficiently, we build a brighter future for ourselves and future generations.

Working at the heart of industry

The most effective way to make an impact on industry is to work at the heart of it. For over 50 years, we’ve played our part in improving large-scale industry and mining production processes.

With our industrial partners, we’ve provided sustainable, quality, cost-efficient solutions over the decades. In doing so, our partners and we have achieved smooth production and environmental goals.

Led by a northern attitude

Northerners aren’t afraid of work or shouldering responsibility. We take action, keep our word and do what we promise. We don’t like to brag, but we do our work well and by the agreed deadline. It means we have nothing to be ashamed of and that our clients have no regrets. We welcome new team members who want to do rewarding work with a northern attitude.

We’re Tormets.
Let’s get down to business.

In everything we do, our shared values guide our work.

Working together, people reach their goals. All of us at Tormets do meaningful work that yields positive dividends, not just for us and the people around us, but also for the local area and the environment. We courageously make sustainable choices that lead towards a more efficient and cleaner future.


As your strategic partner, we help achieve your goals sustainably and with excellence. We do our work honestly and without cutting corners. We do not tolerate corruption.


We guarantee a safe, responsible workplace that cares for its workers and the environment. We play our part in ensuring the local region is vibrant.


We courageously make sustainable choices that lead towards a more efficient and cleaner future.


Fair play is how we do things. We are just and tolerant. We respect diversity.

End-to-end solutions

Tormets Target is our comprehensive operating model that helps you implement your strategy. We customize the best possible services and solutions from our extensive portfolio. This means we can achieve your goals with excellent results.

We’re Tormets.
Let’s get down
to business.

Antti Valta

Chief Operating Officer

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