Industrial maintenance services

Our years of service as a strategic partner gives us a clear view of our clients’ needs, wishes and goals. We maintain your equipment with northern straightforwardness. Our engineers, like all our other specialists, know the machinery, plants and people. We do things as agreed and at the right time.

With foresight and always alert

We do preventive maintenance and keep our eyes constantly open to how your industrial facility is performing. That allows us to ensure mills keep running, production disruption is reduced and less time is spent investigating disruptions. When we take full responsibility for maintaining machines and equipment, you can be sure that you have very quick access to spare parts and serviced replacement equipment when you need them.

On time, without haste

Over the decades, we’ve been part of annual maintenance shutdowns countless times. That means we know what is required when working with many companies on a strict schedule. It means we’re able to complete our part as planned without cutting any safety corners.

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Antti Valta

Chief Operating Officer

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