Outokumpu Stainless OyTransfer and installation pipeworks (PED 2014/68/EU, natural gas, category A) for RAP5 annealing furnaces and furnace burner assemblies
Outokumpu Stainless OyCold rolling mill 1 and 2, transfer pipeworks for vaporized natural gas (PED 2014/68/EU, natural gas, category A)
Outokumpu Stainless OyHP2 annealing furnace natural gas installation pipeworks and furnace burner assemblies (2014/68/EU, natural gas, category A)
Maertz Ofenbau AG/ SMA mineral RöyttäLime kiln firing system modification to coal gas, process equipment installations and pipeworks (PED 2014/68/EU)
Wärtsilä Manga LNG terminalInsulated transfer pipeworks for liquefied and vaporized natural gas (2014/68/EU, natural gas, category A), 4 km of installation pipeworks and 200 tons of steel structures.
Sarlin Oy Outokumpu Stainless Oy compressed air centreEquipment and pipeworks installation (PED 2017/68/EU)
PED pipeworks for Storaenso and Metsäfibre pulp millsSulphuric acid, nitric acid, oxygen, black liquor, foul- smelling gases, etc. New installations and repairs.


Boliden AitikKID2 BT1650 length 75 m, 9000 t/h, belt width 2200 mm
Boliden AitikKID2 BT1490 (extension) length 199 m, 9000 t/h, belt width 2000 mm
LKAB, Luulaja SandskärMHF Conveyor 8000 t/h, belt width 2000 mm
Yara UusikaupunkiST158 Conveyor
Yara SiilinjärviLA431 Conveyor
Agnico Eagle FinlandShot blast system
LKAB, MalmbergetBelt feeders 4 pcs
Outokumpu ChromeF3 project 55 belt conveyors

Industrial service and maintenance

Outokumpu StainlessShot peening equipment maintenance agreement
Outokumpu StainlessLeveler pack maintenance agreement
Outokumpu StainlessFurnace roll maintenance agreement
Outokumpu StainlessFurnace roll revolver maintenance
Outokumpu StainlessScale breaker cassette maintenance agreement
Outokumpu StainlessMaintenance of tension measuring roll bearings
Outokumpu StainlessFX bearing housing maintenance
Outokumpu StainlessLadle car wheel maintenance
SSAB RaaheCold leveler 2 supporting roll maintenance
Tibnor JärvenpääLeveler pack maintenance


Demanding projectsOutokumpu Stainless, Outokumpu Chrome, Metso minerals, SSAB, Gestamp Hardtech, Conex

Steel and plate works

Outokumpu StainlessJTSU laddle casting diverter
KonecranesCrane modernization
PEAB SwedenPower plant floodgates
Lemminkäinen InfraPort steel structures
LKABInsulated stair tower
Outokumpu StainlessHP3 mixed acid basin
Stora EnsoAlkali tower roof HST
SSAB SwedenKiln casting mold

Hydraulics and lubrication systems

Outokumpu Chrome OyPlanning, installation, piping, flushing and deployment of the Kemi Mine homogenizer hydraulic system
Outokumpu Chrome OyPlanning of the modernization of the Kemi Mine crushing plant's hydraulics and lubrication systems
Agnico Eagle FinlandSafety modernization of pasta pump hydraulics and the installation, delivery and deployment of condition monitoring equipment
Agnico Eagle FinlandMill's auxiliary circulation units and condition monitoring equipment
Boliden Kevitsa Mining OyAuxiliary circulation units of the lubrication and hydraulics systems
Metsä Fibre KemiKnots silo discharger hydraulics unit and hydraulics system modernization. Since 2004, hydraulic systems maintenance during annual maintenance outage
Metsä Board KemiSafety modernization and modernization of hydraulic systems
Outokumpu Stainless OyPlanning of production line hydraulic and lubrication systems modernization
Laanilan Voima OyGrab bucket hydraulics and mechanical maintenance
Pohjolan Voima OyMaintenance and modernization of power plant's hydraulic systems